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Towering Pays Excalibur Review (High Volatility | GamesLab)



Towering Pays Excalibur Review

In this Towering Pays Excalibur review, you will see how to play this slot. In a slot inspired by the ever-popular legend of King Arthur, developer GamesLab lets its Towering Pays game mechanic see the light of day. 

This one is called Towering Pays Excalibur and is powered by Yggdrasil Gaming. It has a lot of the same gameplay as the previous one we examined, Towering Pays Valhalla, which means it has a lot of the same advantages and cons. 

The company has made a few changes to the features this time, and there are a lot to cover. Let’s go, if you’re able to make swords out of stones in jolly olde England and ready to join situs slot online.

Best Towering Pays Excalibur Review

The graphics, in comparison to Valhalla’s slightly ethereal quality, have a more down-to-earth feel to them. A square-shaped, block gray castle with a bridge over a river or moat lies behind the dynamic game display, making it a little chilly. 

The grid is initially set up in a 5-reel, 3-row configuration, but the Towering Pays feature allows it to expand up to 8 rows high.

In addition, the number of paylines increases as the number of rows increases. 15 paylines cross the reels at the initial 3-row height, rising to 65 paylines when the grid reaches its full height. 

Overall, Excalibur is pleasing to the sight without being extremely important. To put it another way, it doesn’t leave a lasting impact.

1. Game Volatility

Towering Pays Excalibur is a medium-high volatile game with a vast number of features that can be played on any device. This is common in many online slot machines nowadays.

The game can be played in two modes: regular mode, with stakes ranging from 25p to £/€25 every spin, or Quest mode, with stakes ranging from 40p to £/€40 per spin. When Quest Bet is turned on, an additional Hold & Spin feature is available, which is not available when Quest Bet is turned off.

2. Pay Symbols

There are ten regular pay symbols, and hitting at least 3 identical symbols across these paylines from the left side of the game screen results in a win. 

The first four cards are low-paying card suits worth 0.6x to 0.8x the stake for five of a kind, followed by wolves, horses, and 4-character high-paying characters. For a five symbol win, this non-card lot is worth 1x to 6x the wager. 

The King Arthur wild may substitute for any pay symbol and can appear on any reel, with 5 wilds on a payline paying out 10 times the bet.

3. Game Features

There are a lot of things to look at, but many of them are just different versions of the same thing. Excalibur Magic, Stage Play, Prize Multipliers, a Feature Wheel, Win Spins, the Avalon feature, four Free Spin rounds, and a Hold & Spin game can all be found here.

Excalibur Magic

In normal play and the Lancelot and Merlin features, the Excalibur symbol appears on reels 1, 2, and 3. In the Arthur and Camelot features, it occurs on reels 1, 2, 3, or 4, or on all reels in the Camelot feature’s 588 sized game grid. 

Excalibur symbols change into the same random symbol when they land, and they can cover half or all of the reel.

Stage play

When Excalibur comes in at least one spot on each reel that can hold one, the game advances to the next level, which includes one extra row and +10 paylines. Stage play continues in this manner until the panel reaches 8 rows in height, at which point the Avalon feature ends and the stage is reset.

Prize Multiplier

A prize multiplier can appear on any winning spin at any time. The multiplier can range from x2 to x10 depending on how many rows are active.

Feature Wheel

When three Feature Wheel symbols appear on reels 1, 3, and 5, the Feature Wheel is activated. When the wheel respins, players can win Hold & Spin, Win Spins, one of the free spins rounds, or Wheel Upgrades, which boosts the chances of winning one of the better features.

The Lancelot or Merlin Free Spins are free spins with the possibility of a reward multiplier on any win. Excalibur may also appear on reel 4 in Arthur Free Spins, and on reel 4 or 5 in Camelot Free Spins when the grid is eight rows high. 

These features all provide 6 free spins and begin on the 53 grid. +1 extra free spin is earned when Excalibur shows at least one place on each of the active reels.

Win Spins

Excalibur fills reels 1, 2, and 3 on the main grid on each Win Spin, while reels 4 and 5 spin. The grids do not grow in size, and every spin guarantees a win.

Avalon Feature

When Excalibur shows in at least one spot on reels 1, 2, and 4 on the 5 x 8 grid in regular game mode, this is triggered. If Quest Bet is activated, the multi-level feature Wheel is spun to offer wheel upgrades, one of the free spin bonuses, Win Spins, or the Hold & Spin.

Hold & Spin

If the Quest Bet option is enabled, Excalibur will occasionally display shield symbols. The Hold & Spin feature is activated when at least 6 shields appear. If there are more than 6 shields visible, each additional shield adds a row, up to a maximum of 8. 

Three respins are provided after the trigger is triggered, with all triggering shields in place. Only shields can land during the feature, which resets the respins. 

The prize values on the locked shield symbols are given at the end of the round. When the Hold & Spin ends, if shield symbols show a Feature Wheel, it is rewarded. On top of any other rewards, filling all spots with shields earns you an additional 1,000x the bet payout.

Bonus Buy

The feature buy button, which has two possibilities, is the last but not least. Players can win Wheel Upgrades, Win Spins, or Lancelot Spins for 50x the wager, or any of those or Merlin Spins for 80x the bet.

The Conclusion

To conclude this Towering Pays Excalibur review, Gameslab has updated on Valhalla Towering Pays’ difficulty with a Gordian Knot of a game that is much more complicated. 

It has parts that trigger here and there, tying into something else, activating something else, expanding this, and so on. It might be worth a go for dynamic games that can’t sit still; otherwise, it appears to be filled with repetitions.

We recommend joining MPOAPI and Bovada online casinos if you want to play this slot game. Other than that, you can also find many online gambling games such as poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, eSports, lottery, and sports betting. And don’t forget to visit their online casino strategy section. You’ll get the help you need.

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Shifting Seas Slot Review: 96% RTP (Thunderkick)




Ahoy Pirates, get on board! Among the treacherous beaches and the changing seas await treasures worthy only for a true pirate. Get ready to embark on this action-packed sea adventure, the Shifting Seas slot!

The Shifting Seas Slot: General Description

Well-known online casino game provider Thunderkick presents its latest video slot, a game that will take the player to sail the seas aboard a pirate ship. We are talking about the Shifting Seas slot which takes inspiration from a treasure hidden on an island and where the aim of those who play will be to find it together with the pirates.

It is a 6 reel machine, very easy to play, with a moving grid and with a couple of features that will see 4 jokers in action, 3 of which will activate their modifiers, scatters, free spins and more. Overall, however, it is a fairly simple slot machine that is characterized by its gameplay that after a few spins could even become even more intriguing.

In terms of bets and amounts that can be wagered before the game reels are activated, the slot is programmed to be played with up to 100 virtual coins, with the player choosing from the various amounts made available by the game. Also, there’s a demo version of the Shifting Seas slot, which players can try for free, using only the virtual coins.

Shifting Seas Slot: Symbols and Graphics

The Thunderkick game takes place on the sea. We will then set sail on a pirate ship in search of a hidden treasure above a mysterious island. The game plan is made up of 6 reels and variable rows ready to offer us a maximum of 117,649 ways to win.

The pattern is 4 – 4 – 3 – 3 – 2 – 2, and with each win on the left, a new higher reel is added, while the one on the far right is removed. As a result of this mechanism, there will always be six rollers, but they will grow in height. The winning symbols will also vanish by exploding, replaced by new icons with the cascade system, along with the winnings, which can then be repeated indefinitely in a single spin.

A maximum of 11 regular symbols will scroll on the reels, where the treasure chest is the most profitable and can pay up to 5 times the bet for 6 of them in a row, and royals A to 9 pay the lowest amounts as usual. The corresponding symbols must be placed on the adjacent reels, starting from the first reel on the left and the combinations to be winning must include from 3 to 6 symbols.

The winnings will be paid taking into consideration the stake made and the individual values ​​of the game symbols. The latter can be consulted in the appropriate pay table by clicking on the cup symbol at the top right. The player will also have the possibility to program his consecutive spins and play without having to go through the spin. 

In the Shifting Seas slot, it is possible to program from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 5,000. The button is positioned at the lower right corner. We remind you that this slot777 online has been created with the most modern technology, so you can play from any device, fixed or mobile, and use any type of browser.

The wild and scatter symbols are among the special symbols. The wild symbol acts as a substitute for all other symbols in the game, allowing the player to form the best possible combinations. You’ll also meet four characters, one of which is ordinary and three of which are extraordinary because they will introduce us to their respective functions. 

The Shifting Seas wild symbols, on the other hand, will do even more, as 6 of them in a row will pay out the same amount as the slot’s most generous symbol.

Shifting Seas Slot: Gameplay and Features

Thunderkick’s Shifting Seas slot game offers a couple of features that mainly relate to its game grid with reels added to the left with each win. With each Shift Win, each new reel increases in height by +1 symbol, up to a maximum of 7 symbols in height. This is the Shift Win function that is activated when a winning combination is obtained.

The game pattern on the first spin without a win reverts to its original configuration. If on the reels there is one of the 3 special wilds and they take part in a winning combo or leave the first reel on the right, the corresponding Special Wild function is activated. These are Boost Shift, Symbol Rush and Wild Surge. 

It could also happen that on the reels there are more special wild cards so that the functions that will be activated will be more than one and these will follow a precise order: the Boost Shift function adds a new extra reel on the left-most side. 

All symbols on the previous leftmost reel are copied to the new reel; the Symbol Rush function transforms 4 – 8 symbols in sight into new identical symbols; the Wild Surge function transforms 1 to 3 symbols into wild cards.

The free spin play function is activated when players manage to move the bonus symbol off the grid with Shift Win. The free round consists of 8 spins. If during the bonus round the bonus symbol is moved off the board, another 4 spins will be added to the total count. 

During free spins, a Wild Reel will be added to the grid, with an initial multiplier of x1. Following a win, the Wild Reel moves one position to the right. If you move the Wild Reel off the first right reel, it will reappear on the left-most reel, increasing its multiplier by +1 and awarding an additional free spin.

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Final Words on The Shifting Seas Slot

As previously stated, the Shifting Seas slot from Thunderkick is distinguished by its lively game, which is activated when a winning combination is obtained. The largest prize that the player can expect to receive from the pirates is 15,000 times the stake. This Tunderkick slot has an average return to player percentage of 96.15% and will be played with high volatility. Good luck!

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Regal Streak Slot Review: RTP 95.70% (Red Tiger)




You must be looking for the Regal Streak slot review. This slot is a slot game created by Red Tiger and R7, may initially trick you with its traditional fruit theme, but you’ll quickly realize that it doesn’t play exactly like a typical slot game and that it has much more potential than you may think. 

Because it initially doesn’t give you any hints that it differs from the other fruit slots available, it kind of plays like a stealth game.

Summary of Regal Streak Slot Review

There are just 3 lines in Regal Streak, one for each row of symbols, and 5×3 reels. When scatter symbols land on adjacent lines, you can create combinations that could result in prizes of up to 9,500 times your initial wager. 

In the long run, this game should pay out its participants roughly 95.70% (RTP) due to its great potential and higher volatility. The game’s major features include Multiplier Symbols, Regal Free Spins, and a unique Multiplier Bar.

1. Wagering Options

Regal Streak offers 3 active lines with betting starting from just $0.10 per spin. On the other hand, a $10 maximum wager each spin is permitted.

Regal Streak can yield impressive returns, despite the fact that at first glance it may not seem like it. Beyond the payouts of up to 135x for its top symbols listed in the paytable, there will be multipliers during the free spins that can significantly increase wins. 

In fact, the creator claims that the slot machine has the ability to pay out more than 9,500 times the bet in a single free spin. As per usual, Regal Streak’s RTP comes very close to the industry average but avoids crossing that line, giving players an average return of 95.70% on their bet.

2. Game Features

The ability to create your own combos is what makes Regal Streak unique. There are just three lines in the game, one for each of the three rows of symbols that are employed. 

Three to five matching symbols must be located on the same row as one another, even if they are not adjacent, in order to complete a combo. Symbols operate as scatters on particular lines and pay according to how frequently they appear.

The Regal Spins logo icons must appear on the same line, scattered 3 to 5 times, in order to start the free spins. Then, along with the potential for retriggering this feature along the way, you are awarded 15 to 25 free spins.

A Multiplier Symbol is chosen as the free spins feature begins, and a meter is added to it at the top of the reels. The multiplier meter moves up a level whenever that particular symbol appears in winning combos. 

The top symbols, which are less likely to form winning combinations, have better multiplier values, which might increase rewards by up to 28 times. Another approach to increase the multiplier is to complete another line of Regal Spins symbols, which also extends the feature’s round count.

3. Theme and Design

There is no indication of the features list in the game’s design, despite how distinctive and weird it is. It’s a straightforward fruit-themed slot machine with decently crafted icons. 

They are yet recognizable as timeless icons that have appeared in countless other games in quite identical configurations. The only symbol that jumps out among the others, which include Lucky 7s, Four-Leaf Clovers, Golden Bells, Cherries, and five Royals from 10 to A, is the Regal Spins logo.

Final Words

While this slot is a game worth playing, we would caution inexperienced players to exercise caution when using it. It could be bad to one’s balance because of the large payouts, which can reach 9,500x, and the lesser RTP than we’d want. 

On the other hand, we enjoy the game’s winning structure and the features it might activate, especially with those large multipliers that might come in handy at just the perfect time. After reading our Regal Streak slot review, you can try it at the most reputable casinos such as situs slot gacor 2022.

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Montezuma Megaways Demo Review: RTP 95.92% (WMS)




Are you ready to play Montezuma Megaways demo? This game is a sequel or remake of a previous WMS title called simply Montezuma. Using the Megaways mechanic, which was invented by Big Tme Gaming and then licensed out to various developers, they created an amazing new game in the series.

A Review of Montezuma Megaways Demo

We’re looking at a 6-reel game with 117,649 Megaways, which is the most popular layout for a slot powered by this game engine. 

It’s a slot to definitely look into if you like higher volatility content, with a 95.92% RTP, top wins of 12,500x the stake during each spin, and a mix of fun features. The list of features, which includes cascading reels, up to 100x multipliers, bonus guarantees, respins, and more, appears to be promising.

1. Bet and Rewards

These games typically have a small betting range, such as $0.20 to $20, which allows them to provide a high return without bankrupting the casino.

Prizes are high, at least when they succeed, and a single spin can pay out as much as 12,500x the stake. At times, the game will use up to 100x multipliers, so there are some thrilling features in place that could make someone’s day.

Because there is no other way for this type of game to pay a large jackpot, the volatility can only be medium to high, if not even higher. It has a Return to Player of 95.92%, which is a bit low for a Megaways slot, so that’s the only drawback we’ve discovered so far.

2. Game Features

Every round in the Megaways system gives you a random number of ways to win, up to 117,649 possible. When creating combos, you have a Top Reel that is part of the middle four columns, and you also have the Cascading Reels mechanic to help you win more.

Pyramid Wilds may come in handy along the way, acting as substitutes and contributing to a variety of combinations. Respin Wheel is a random feature that appears after a certain number of rounds with no wins, offering you another chance to win.

The slot’s potential is at its peak during free spins, which are triggered by three or more Wheel scatter symbols. You can get a maximum of 25 free spins at first. There are unlimited win multipliers in place, and they increase by 1x with each win. It doesn’t reset, and its value has no limit.

If two or more scatters appear, the Montezuma Multipliers bonus is triggered, and the Wheel that appears multiplies wins by up to 100x. 

In addition, if the Montezuma Multipliers appear during the final round, the game will award you a Mega Win Multiplier for the duration of the free spins feature, multiplying all wins by up to 25x.

3. Design and Theme

It’s an Aztec theme, with a focus on Montezuma, one of the civilization’s most famous rulers. Warriors and princesses, as well as masks, hawks, headdresses, and dragons, are all depicted in the traditional Aztec style. 

Finally, as symbols, you have a couple of Royals. The jungle will be the background picture. The scatter symbol and the Pyramid Wild are the feature symbols.

Final Thoughts

This game appears to be an exhilarating remake of the original, as well as a new WMS slot with a lot of fun features. Now, you can enjoy the Montezuma Megaways demo at Daftar Slot Online Gacor site.

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